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Contributing to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19, by practicing Physical distancing, My Priority is to support the Mental / Emotional Health of my Patients during this crisis. This includes, Continuing treating patients by Phone or Video Appointments, with the Benefit of Temporary Reduced Rates up to -50%! for basic services from the Safety and comfort of your home. Call: (303) 317-6265.





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Individual Therapy

 Individual Therapy, Spanish Counseling  

What can I expect from Individual Therapy?   

Therapy has one specific purpose: that something of positive value and constructive usefulness will come out of it for you, in spite of initial discomfort or even pain. Through your  participation in therapy, you will have the opportunity to explore, better understand and process significant and sometimes painful life experiences; working through problems in your life that may be keeping you from moving ahead, from setting or achieving your life goals and manifesting  your true potential. Together we can create a trusting therapeutic environment , which will enable you to share things that may be embarrassing or painful to you;  we will safely explore and will seek new alternatives to your current problems,  which will ultimately allow you to make informed decisions to implement positive changes in your life.

The approach that we use in psychotherapy is determined by the needs, cultural background and therapeutic goals of our client. We usually incorporate narrative, cognitive behavioral, humanistic and systemic perspectives within a culturally sensitive approach. Hypnotherapy and spirituality are also additional components in  treatment if we decide that they are required to better help you. 

What would be the outcomes of Therapy? 

The outcome of psychotherapy depends on what you want to get from it; it goes hand by hand with the motivation, effort and commitment which you are willing to put in. Therefore, it is important to be honest and clear around the issues that you want to work on.  We also recommend that you take some time after each session to review what we worked on,  and to let the therapist know any  feelings , thoughts and impressions that you may have in, and  between sessions. We also emphasize the importance of doing the out-of session exercises/ homework that we agree in-session that you will do. They are an extension of the therapy process.   

How long would I be in Therapy? 

The length of treatment may differ according to the kind of issues you want to work on, the goals you set for your treatment and your commitment to work on them. We have seen individuals who come for one or two consultation sessions, seeking advice or help for immediate decision making.

However, regularly the number of therapy sessions depends on the kind of issues you want to focus on. If you want to focus on a specific problem or goal, we use brief therapy, a solution focused approach, which can last from 8-15 sessions; if you want to work on more complex issues, a traumatic experience, long-standing problems or unproductive behaviors,  then a more long-term, in-depth work is required, and therapy will go well beyond the 15 sessions.  

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