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From the comfort and safety of your home/office, enjoy the services you need!

For your Health and Safety during Covid 19 enjoy our Video-Services' 

Reduced Rates:-10% up to -30%. In-person appointments available as needed. 

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Bilingual Therapy-Spanish

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During these uncertain times, for your convenience we have available our Bilingual Therapy services in the following formats: by Phone or Video Therapy from the safety and comfort of your home.  Check our  affordable temporary Reduced rates/ Promo Page here.  We have  in person services based on individual need.
"Losing your head in a crisis is a good way to become the crisis." C.J. Redwine

Bilingual Individual Therapy-Spanish Counseling
Therapy has one specific purpose: that something of positive value and constructive usefulness will come out of it for you,...Click here for more information...

Bilingual Marriage Counseling/ Couple Therapy

Couple therapy will help you improve your communication, your intimacy and relationship satisfaction. Many couples  seek...  Click here for more information.

Bilingual Family Therapy/ Family Counseling

Family Therapy will help you improve Family communication, identify and disengage from unhelpful interaction patterns, and resolve troubled relationships with your spouse, children, or...  Click here for more information  

Bilingual Support Groups & Courses 

We facilitate a safe, nurturing and supporting atmosphere for participants to develop knowledge and skills on the topic or area of their interest, and ...Click here for more information.

Online VideoTherapy  or Phone Therapy? 
Enjoy our  Secure and Private Tele-Mental Health Services from the comfort and privacy of your home or your office. You may choose to benefit from VideoTherapy or Therapy  by phone , to start or continue benefiting from psychotherapy if you travel, or if  geographical location/ distance is an issue or you can not come to our clinic; or if you have health issues, difficulty with mobility, or Transportation problems, or if you travel frequently;  It simply may be your best choice during snow storms,  if your car breaks down, or your babysitter didn't show up or for any other reason! Enjoy our  secure and private Tele-Mental Health Services.  
Please call us at (303) 317-6265  If you prefer this practical solution for therapy or Psychological Evaluations; if you have questions, please call us at (303) 317-6265. Do not worry, we will help you with connecting and using our Secure Platform and technical advice if required, free of charge.

What is Psychotherapy ?  

Psychotherapy is a sensitive, collaborative treatment process in which we use specialized knowledge and techniques of caring that have been designed based on scientific studies and cultural sensitivity to offer our clients effective, immediate and/or long-lasting solutions to their struggles or suffering. Psychotherapy helps people to  re-examine their beliefs, assumptions, expectations and feelings about themselves, about others, about his/her life experiences and about the world; people also re-evaluate their coping mechanisms and have the opportunity to choose new ones which enhance their life, and nurture both themselves and those around them. In a nut shell, psychotherapy helps people to integrate themselves, to integrate their life experiences, and helps them to integrate with life itself in a more healthy, productive and meaningful way.  

 We offer the following types of  Bilingual Therapy and Spanish Counseling to people in Denver,  Aurora, Englewood, Lakewood, Westminster, Commerce City, Golden, Thornton, Westminster & Colorado Springs:










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