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Bilingual Immigration Evaluations

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Seeking to obtain or change your/ your spouse or parents legal status in the United States and need an Immigration psychological evaluation?

Individual or family Immigration Psychological Evaluations
 For most legal petitions of temporary or permanent change of status to the USCIS / immigration, a Professional Psychological Evaluation conducted by a Latina licensed psychologist who speaks Spanish and has training and experience in evaluations for the USCIS/ immigration, can significantly increase the chances  of fulfilling immigration requirements and increase the possibility of your case being  approved by the office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

We Offer the following Bilingual/ Spanish Immigration Psychological Evaluations conducted by Latina licensed psychologists in DenverMetro.  
Extreme Hardship 

VAWA- Domestic Violence   
Victims of Crime ( Humanitarian U VISA)
 Political Asylum
►Citizenship exam waiver
 or any other type.

Other Psychological Evaluations

  • Cognitive/Intellectual Functioning...More
  • Personality Assessment...More
  • Learning Disabilities.

    What is Bilingual Psychological assessment? 
Psychological assessment/ Evaluation is typically performed by a Licensed Psychologis(PsyD or PhD), to better understand an individual, providing valuable insights into the individual’s cognition, emotional make up, behavior, skills, thoughts and personality.  

What can I expect of a Psychological Evaluation at Bienestar Latino?  

Our bilingual Psychological Evaluation services take into consideration the client cultural background, primary language, and handicaps if any. 

According to your needs and interests, and the questions you need to have answered by your assessment,  a Psychological Evaluation commonly includes a comprehensive Clinical Interview, behavioral observations, and some, a battery of tests and inventories assessing intellectual functioning,  personality, aptitudes, interests and  skills, among other areas.  

Psychological tests may include Cognitive/IQ tests, achievement tests, personality tests to help evaluate a person for mental disorders, to assist in the counseling process, in educational placement, in job selection or vocational interests and aptitudes, among others. 
Prior to the administration of any psychological test, you will be informed about the nature of the tests and their intended use, as well as  information on the confidentiality of the results, so you may give your informed consent to the Assessment / Testing process.

Once psychological testing has been completed, the psychologist takes the information gathered from the psychological assessment, interpret it in light of the person’s history, current context, and weave it into a comprehensive and complete picture of the person being assessed. The assessment findings are integrated into a written personalized Psychological Evaluation Report, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the person assessed,  with recommendations, for the individual and/or the referral source, to aid in decision making and available solutions to their assessment questions.


Types of Testing

Intellectual Functioning , Achievement and ability tests

Academic achievement, ability, and intelligence tests may be used as a tool in school placement, in determining the presence of a learning disability, in identifying giftedness. Intelligence testing may be used also to assess vocational ability (e.g., in career counseling).

  Personality Assessment

Personality tests and inventories evaluate the thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors of an individual. The results of these tests help to better understand an individual's personality strengths and weaknesses, and may identify disturbances in personality, or psychopathology.

Personality tests are administered for many reasons, from diagnosing mental illness,  to screening job candidates. They may be used in an educational or vocational setting to determine personality strengths and weaknesses, or in the legal system for forensic purposes.

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