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Bilingual Family Therapy

 Bilingual Family Therapy ~ Family Counseling 
"Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible -- the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family."- V. Satir 

Every family is subject to unexpected challenges and problems, which may be perceived differently by family members and each member may respond   differently. Some families in crisis may lack coping skills to face crisis and challenges constructively; some families may become disorganized and communication may deteriorate , giving rise to different symptoms in one or more of its members and in the family. 

It is important for the family system in crisis or under stress,  that members work as team to problem-solve difficult challenges. 

What is Family Therapy? 

The Family Therapy is a valuable therapeutic tool, aimed at supporting family members to improve communication, identify and change dysfunctional, destructive interaction patterns  and help  family members capitalize on their strenghts , developing  problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.  Family therapy may involve all family members in treatment , or only those willing to participate. 

What can we expect from Bilingual Family Therapy? 

Family therapy can be very helpful in family situation’s that cause stress, depression, anxiety, anger or conflict. Specific problems may include marital discord ,   parent – child frictions, conflicts with extended family members, the impact of  alcohol abuse or mental illness of a family member, etc. Family therapy may help family members talk about the issue, understand one another better, work as team on problem-solve  and bring members closer together.

Sometimes, a family may pursue family therapy along with other types of mental health treatment., especially if a family member requires individual therapy. For example, when a family member suffers depression, alcoholism or bipolar disorder; Family Therapy can help the family to constructively cope with the challenges involved in such situations; However, the member who suffers mental illness, or addition must have individualized treatment too.

During the initial assessment we like to invite all family members. In subsequent sessions, we can continue meeting with all family members or we can meet with those able to participate. During sessions, we will examine family's communication, expectations , affect expression and problem- solving styles. We will also identify those aspects that contribute to conflict — as well as ways to work through these issues, developing more effective coping skills. We will also identify your family's strengths, weaknesses and family vision.

How long are we going to be in family therapy? 

The duration of treatment and the frequency of sessions depend on the particular situation of the family, their commitment to work on their issues and on Therapist recommendations. Sessions usually last an hour and a half. Family Therapy  does not automatically solve all family problems; however, it can help you and your family learn how to discuss the problem situation in a constructive way, to better understand one other and it can provide the skills to better cope with crisis and family challenges in a more positive and effective way.  
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