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Bilingual Couple Therapy

Bilingual Marriage Counseling
Couple Therapy

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Starting and building a loving, fulfilling and long lasting relationship may become the most rewarding, fulfilling and challenging experience of your life.

Come and learn the skills you need to:  

  • Start a new relationship with the “right foot” .
  • Allow yourself to open or to connect emotionally to your partner, and make peace with past hurtful experiences.  
  • Enhance or strengthen the Love you feel for one another.
  • Learn to communicate effectively with your partner by Engaging not Enraging one another. Learn to talk about important couple matters, or to talk about your differences without fighting, or becoming offensive with one another.  
  • Learn how to face and resolve your issues as team.
  • Enhance the intimacy, sensuality and sexuality in your relationship.
  • Identify and surpass your fears and mistrust to develop a deeper and genuine commitment with your spouse or partner.   
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue about values, rules, mutual expectations and approach to raising your children.
  • Appropriate parenting approach to co-parenting before, during and after separation or divorce.  

What can we expect from Marriage Counseling /Couple Therapy at Bienestar Latino?   

Couple therapy focuses on the relationship between two people, in their strengths as well as in the issues that are a source of problem, distress and dissatisfaction for both the individuals and the couple. Many couples seek assistance because they are having issues with communication, parenting, problem-solving, intimacy, sexuality and commitment. Some couples also seek assistance with a friendly separation or divorce.

Marriage Counseling typically goes through 3 basic stages; the first stage involves Evaluation of the Couple and their problem(s); the second stage emphasizes active treatment or intervention; the final stage focuses on maintenance of therapy outcomes. 

We approach couples treatment from an Integrative perspective, in which we help couples to develop awareness of generational patterns, dysfunctional cognitive processes, unexpressed and unacknowledged expectations and emotional needs, or individual issues that are negatively impacting their relationship; we also assist them to improve positive   behavior exchanges, a more intimate and respectful communication, an enhanced sexuality and improved abilities for parenting and problem-solving skills. 

What would be the outcomes of Therapy? 

The outcome of couple therapy depends on what you want to get from it, on the motivation, collaboration, effort and commitment which each and both of you are willing to put in,  to make behavioral changes or to change the things that are causing the distress, or the problems in the relationship. Therefore, it is important to be completely honest and emotionally open throughout the process. 

How long would  we be in  Couple Therapy?

The length of treatment may differ according to the kind of issues you want to work on, the goals you set for your treatment, your commitment to work on them and also your therapist recommendation. We have seen couples who come for one or two consultation sessions, seeking advice or help for immediate decision making. 

However, regularly the number of therapy sessions depends on the kind of issues you want to focus on. If you want to focus on a specific problem or goal, we use brief therapy, a solution focused approach, which can last from 10-15 sessions; if you want to work on more complex issues, a relationship trauma, or long-standing conflicts between you two or behavior patterns deeply ingrained, then a more long-term is required, and couple therapy will go beyond the 15 sessions. 

Intercultural Couple Therapy 

If you are a cross-cultural couple, for example, you are Latino (a), and your partner is American, or Asian-American or African American, etc., and his/her native language is English, you will be benefiting of bilingual couple therapy. We will translate our discussions to both languages, to ensure mutual understanding and deeper communication. It is a tremendously enriching experience and treatment is extended.  

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